Greetings all! I don’t have many exciting new developments to report on my CHI project, so instead I thought I would share with you some screen shots of where I am at right now, and some of the pieces I could use help on.  The first is coming up with a flashier banner to go across the top. You can see my current placeholder banner below:

Along with that, I need a flashier title for my project.  You should be able to access it here, if you want to take a look at it in its current state. I’m still working on formatting, so you may still see some odd placement, off font size, or other issues.  However, please point them out!

All that aside, I have been learning a lot about how to make archaeological information accessible to the public. It is a lot more difficult than I anticipated to take the language from a National Register form, convert it into something that a school kid could understand, and maintain the information about why that site is importance.  I’ve done more editing on the text for each of my timeline events than on anything else!  We often underestimate the importance of communicating archaeology to the public. One of my main goals with this project is to successfully show how important archaeology is to understanding our past.  I hope by the time I am finished I will have succeeded, at least somewhat, in doing just that.