Since my last post, I have had a lot of success regarding my maps.

As you can see above, I have succesfully been able to put a map of Mesoamerica on the website, as well as successfully put pop-ups with information about different sites connected to Marco Gonzalez in one way or another. My future goals for this page include uploading more location data to show the full extend of the network that Marco Gonzalez was in (which I think you can begin to see in the map as is, but there’s still so much more to add!) as well as add a box that opens as you load the page that describes the map and what it’s showing the reader.

The second map success I had was with the georeferencing of the Marco Gonzalez map! I was able to use MapWarper to create the georeferenced map, but had difficulties putting it into my website as there were not enough pins on the MapWarper map to give me proper coordinates. Thus that led to me clicking close to the areas on Google Maps to get coordinates to input into my code, which took much longer than I would have liked. You can see the georeferenced map below!

Georeferenced Marco Gonzalez map

Future goals for this map include a box with information about the map and how the reader can interact with it that opens when the page opens, similarly to the Mesoamerican map. I will be adding information about previous excavations to this map from published information in the upcoming weeks, but some unpublished information will also potentially be included – if this is the case, it will not be updated until the summer when I can get to those documents while in the field.

My last success story is not map related, but is exciting nonetheless: I have a working (albeit slow) contact form that now leads to a thank you page (seen below)!

Thank you page!

The only way to get to this page is by submitting the contact form. I’m proud of this page because the reader can get back to other portions of the webiste again if they want.

One last comment that I have is regarding how I will share this website with people. My current plan is to 3D print a QR code to this website. The 3D print will then be placed beside the Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Preserve sign that is located just before the boardwalk to the archaeological site. The hope is that the 3D print will offer a more long-lasting QR code than a laminated paper.

The process getting to this point has been a little long, and messing with the maps has only recently become fruitful. But, as you may can tell, I’m very close to completing this project. I am so excited to complete this project, and to continue to update it in upcoming years for people interested in Marco Gonzalelz. Stay tuned for my website launch in the upcoming weeks!