The Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative

Administered by the Department of Anthropology in partnership with the Lab for Educational Advancement in Digital Research, the Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative supports efforts that equip students with the skills and experience to thoughtfully apply digital methods and computational approaches to cultural heritage materials, collections, data, challenges, and questions.

Cultural Heritage Informatics Grad Fellowship Program

The CHI Grad Fellowship Program provides Michigan State University graduate students with the skills to thoughtfully apply digital methods and computational approaches in the domain of cultural heritage. Fellowship activities are fundamentally applied, embrace an ethos of openness, and privilege collaboration and interdisciplinarity.

Digital Heritage Fieldschool

Open to both non-MSU and MSU students alike, the Digital Heritage Fieldschool is an intensive, 5-week long, 6 credit course in which students build applied skills and gain practical experience in the thoughtful application of digital methods and computational approaches to critical challenges and pressing topics in the world of heritage.

Recent Updates From the CHI Blog:

Jessica Pettengill | 2023 CHI Fellow

Welcome! I'm Jessica Pettengill, a second-year Ph.D. student in the Information and Media program in the School of Journalism. My journey to a Ph.D. and the CHI fellowship began in 2019 while I was an assignment editor at a broadcast station in my hometown of Sacramento, California. It was my first paying job in the field after graduating with my bachelor's degree in...

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