In the past few weeks I have struggled to decide how I will build my database into my github pages site, without learning how to code SQL (structured query language), which would be difficult given the amount of time I have to complete this project. I was struggling with using Airtable as a front end developer and I think it will be easier to just create a template in the HTML for entries and fill in the information this way, while still using Airtable to house the information. I will pull from this file (like an online excel spreadsheet) to populate the directory. I will have the letters of the alphabet listed at the top of my Directory page, which will be anchored in the HTML to each section of scholars listed alphabetically by last name.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 12.20.57 PM

An example of what the current Directory page looks like – the letters listed at the top will be anchored in the HTML to the letters listed within the directory.

I have also thought about grouping individuals by research interests and then creating separate pages on the website that organizes individuals by these interests. This would allow individuals visiting the site to look at scholars by both last name and separated into research categories (if individuals have multiple research interests, they would be listed under each one). The separate pages for research interests can even be linked directly from the scholar’s Directory profile.

Right now I am focusing on building my corpus of scholars to include in the directory. I have spent a lot of time going through conference programs for the regional Midwest Archaeological Conference to identify and list poster or paper presentations that directly address research topics related to the Oneota. These entries are then linked to scholars. I will conduct a similar approach with the Society for American Archaeology conference programs. I have website links for many scholars, some of which contain their CV, which lists publications. I won’t have PDFs of articles or chapters on the site, but will list the full citation for their publications and conference presentations. The trick will be to decide who all is included in the Directory, as some undergraduate students present on topics related to Oneota research and then do not continue to pursue those research topics after graduate or in graduate work.
If you have any suggestions for how to include scholars that may not continue to research topics related to the Oneota or for how to organize the HTML please comment on this post!