In the next week, we will be launching our CHI projects that we have all been working on throughout the year. I defended my dissertation proposal last week so was not as focused on my CHI project, but I had some time to finally complete the addition of all scholars that research the Oneota to my website. As a directory, it was important to have a comprehensive list of scholars, though I may be missing a few scholars, I feel that the list is fairly comprehensive as it is now.

Once all the information on scholars was added to the website, there were still some small stylistic issues I had to deal with on the site, including aligning all lines of my paragraphs and adding the CHI logo to my footer area. Putting the image in the footer was simple, however, I seemed to have trouble with the alignment of my paragraphs. It turns out that it was a simple fix of changing the code from ‘text-indent’ to ‘margin-left’. That made all lines of paragraphs to be aligned together.

The only thing I have left to do for my project is to push the website from Github to its new URL on the MATRIX server. I will be posting my final launch post next week and look forward to showing you all the Directory of Oneota Scholars.