Over the summer, we have been working on making some major changes to the main Morton Village research page: mortonvillage.anthropology.msu.edu. While there are a few more things we would like to change, we wanted to give you a final update for the summer!

The website theme has been updated to a more modern look and to make it more user friendly, now loading the about page when you first open the website. The about page has been updated and photo added for the project co-directors, Drs. Jodie O’Gorman and Mike Conner. We have added a Graduate Student Research page where we have several of the current graduate student photos and brief descriptions of their research listed.

Graduate Student Research Page

Graduate Student Research Page

Another major addition is the photo section where we have two galleries of field photos including images from the summer 2016 field season! For the resources page, we have provided links and descriptions for the initial sources, and have added Mapping Morton Village and several poster presentations that have been made about the Morton Village site.

The last major change that is left is to update the wording and content of the ‘Project Research’ page, which is currently being worked on with the Morton Village site directors.

If you have any comments or ideas about the website we would love to hear from you!