This summer, Nikki Silva and I are working on updating the main website for the Morton Village Research project: This website/blog was created in 2008 and is in need of some major updates. We have several areas of the site that we are going to update!

Website Theme: Currently it is an outdated version of the 2011 wordpress style. We will be updating the theme to the 2014 version, which is more modern and includes sections for integrating videos and photos.

About the Project: We are going to expand the description of the project and include photos of the project directors, Drs Jodie O’Gorman and Mike Conner.

Research Page: Update the language used (make it more public friendly), add photos within the text.

Add A Graduate Student Research Page: Include blurbs from past and present graduate students on their research at the site.

Expand the Resources Page: Add descriptions for links, direct links to articles on the site, link to Mapping Morton Village, and add PDFs of conference poster presentations.

Add Photo/Video Galleries: Include field and lab photos and videos, as well as images from conference presentations.


As we work on changing and adding pages, we will continue to re-evaluate the site to see if there are any other changes we would like to make! Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas!