Hi! After 5 weeks of surprisingly highly productive research in California, I’ve returned to MSU.  I took nearly 2,000 pictures, 500+ screen shots, searched 50 years of newspapers, 15 roles of microfilm, and visited 6 archives.  I truly didn’t expect to come back with that much data.  Some of the archival documentation is sensitive in nature (Coroner’s Inquest Reports, Death Certificates, etc.), and some of the archives have tighter permissions on sharing images of objects they own.  Therefore, with the permission of the California Room at the San Jose Public Library I’ve added a series of images of Infirmary Fund receipts from the Clyde Arbuckle Research Collection.  These images record receipts of warrants/claims paid out by the Santa Clara County Infirmary Fund during the 1880’s.  They present a unique window into relief efforts to aid the poor/indigent members of the community, as well as the daily operating costs of the hospital.  Of particular interest (and a very exciting find for me), are receipts 603, 633 and 634 from 1886 which all relate to digging graves, opening graves, and burying indigents.  As I sort through the pictures and data collected this summer, I hope to add more information to the newly created Archival Research section of Mortuary Mapping.  Please feel free to take a look, and let me know if you have any questions (or better suggestions on transcribing the handwriting!).