My name is Jennifer A. Royston and I am very excited to be a CHI fellow this academic year. While I’m not ready to announce my project just yet, I do have some interesting ideas up my sleeve! Stayed tuned…

I am a fourth-year doctoral student in the Department of English. Before coming to MSU I earned an MA in ‘Shakespeare in History’ from University College London. And before that I taught high school English at an International Baccalaureate school. I specialize in Renaissance literature, specifically drama, and the metadramatic function of paintings and painters on the Early Modern stage. I explore why Renaissance playwrights were invested in dramatizing painters, and why visual art was so often staged or otherwise evoked through verbal means. I am especially interested in the rise of English artistic theory and how this body of literature differs from its paragone predecessors, especially when represented on the London stage.

Aside from my research, teaching is my passion. I am fortunate to serve as my department’s teaching coordinator this year. This position allows me to organize and facilitate a series of pedagogy workshops for our department’s graduate students. In addition to the CHI and Department of English Fellowships, I am a RCAH Graduate Fellow; this opportunity allows me to consider my own teaching practices more critically as I develop a unique teaching project over the course of a year. I have experience teaching in the traditional, hybrid, online, and MOOC environments and I continue to think about best practices for each of these formats.

In my free time I like to travel, work out, spend time with my Polish-American family, peruse all things related to fashion and interior design, organize my surroundings (oddly enough), drink coffee, and learn new artistic media (I’m taking a calligraphy class at the moment). A lifelong learner at heart, I enjoy keeping busy by experiencing new things.

Please feel free to keep in touch, especially if you are interested in DH Renaissance projects, or digital pedagogy:

Twitter: @JARoyston