A main component of the Archaeology 101 project will be interactive games created through different JavaScript libraries to teach visitors about different archaeological concepts. If you aren’t familiar with the project, please check out the project introduction blog: part 1 and 2 to learn more!

Initially, I thought I would try to use DraggableJS to create a artifact matching game. However, as I began looking through the JS library to see how I could adapt it for this project, I realized that the code was far beyond my skill level. As I searched for a replacement, I found jQuery, a feature-rich JS library, that contained the versatility I needed to create the matching game.

While I am not finished creating the game, using online tutorials I have been able to successfully code a matching game for four objects (see the video below!).

However, there are still some aspects of the game I am struggling with. I have only been able to successfully get two out of the four objects to return to their original placement if not correctly matched. As I work towards better understanding the JS code, my goal is to have each object return to their original placement if not match correctly. I would also like to add a ‘reset’ button to the game, so visitors are able to start over if they would like, returning the objects to their original location and the definitions for each object returning. Once the code is modified, I am going to select final objects and definitions for the game instead of the current placeholders.