Hey all, my name is Emma Creamer, and I am in my second year of the Arts, Cultural Management, and Museum Studies Master’s program. In addition to the CHII Fellowship, I am also super excited to start the Campus Archaeology Program Fellowship!

My background is in community-based archaeology, museum studies and collections management. My thesis focuses on community-based participatory methodologies in archaeology and how those methods can provide a framework through which to increase community engagement and collaboration in museums.

My CHII project will be based on the History Told Slant exhibit that ran at the Broad Art Museum from January through August of 2022. I was a graduate fellow with the project and helped create the interactive portions of the exhibit, and (perhaps selfishly) want to attempt to digitize the exhibition and see the content continue to be viewed and interacted with. Despite the pandemic causing many museums to increase their digital accessibility and create digital exhibitions, the BAM has lacked the staff and resources to create an exhibition digitization project.

Beyond hoping for my project to be a success, I am also hoping to increase my digital literacy generally. Given the content area I am interested in, I hope to include digital humanities in my future work!