Basics of Visual Communication: Marketing Strategies for a Visual World

Remember the desktop application Paint? I always envisioned how I would want to create a website from the surface level of making demands and thinking I can enter some type of platform where it is like a paint canvas. What I have been learning is that creating a website is not only about how we want the eye to see an attractive creation through our virtual reality, but the ins and outs of the technicality that enters this world. The symbols of a “code” ( <>”;+—,._) that determine the destiny of a color, position, sound, text, size, and anything that alters this visual representation. 

I googled “the beauty of coding” and oddly enough, ran into a book called “Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain” which, I guess, is a mockery of the famous film “A Beautiful Mind.” A Beautiful Code is not a book about design of software engineering but rather of how the architecture of a project is assembled and how experts solve problems. I was inspired by the title and description of this book which made me refer to the film A Beautiful Mind. Though I did not read the book, I can only imagine the difficulties it attempts to sift through for the purposes of how something so beautifully constructed becomes so difficult and elaborate.

Coding and programming are a mysterious art form. Every line, every dot or letter, leads the design of a website. It is what attracts or dissuades people. It’s actually quite fascinating to be on the backend of the technicality to understand what shapes what we. All of the shopping websites, research platforms, institutions, art, film and libraries go through this symbolic molding to be accessible for this virtual world! Meanwhile, I am sitting here envisioning a website I want to create, which can be creative and exciting, yet so challenging to actually construct behind the closed doors of GitHub. 

We are all innovative in our own ways. We enjoy collaborating, holistically encompassing our disciplines with others. Though I often feel behind with my limited capacity of understanding how to insert the right symbols in the correct order to create a visually attractive website, I continue to learn with my colleagues.

I wonder how my envisioned project would be succeeded and how much experience would be required for a website in different languages where the scripture of one language (Arabic) is from right to left and the other (English) is left to write. How complicated I had planned for my project and what proficiencies I would need. It really is a beautiful talent that I hop