2021 has literally begun, it looks like a continuation of its bloody sibling 2020, though. Spring 2021 has literally begun as well with our 3rd and final challenge as groups yet with more challenges. For our last challenge, basically, we created a map of the pre-Covid party/socialization scene of Ph.D. students in Lansing as a commemoration of our pre-Covid life in this small Midwest town.

I’m very sure that there are many other and way much better ways to do a mapping project, make necessary customization, and embed it into a website. But the project that we worked together as Juan Carlos, Michael, and I was kind of a challenging exercise for us that we struggled yet accomplished a lot -I mean, within our standards-. As a “little bit” obsessive person, I always set my mind to work towards accomplishing the bullets in a to-do-list. For instance, for stats related tasks, I always work with a workflow and revisit it in the process and update it once the task is completed. My usual strategy does not work here in CHI Fellowship. Here, all the effort that I put into challenges were kind of all over the place. So I would like to share my semi-successful workflow here as a part of my obsessive self and in order to learn from the failures in past.

-Juan Carlos had the idea that we could develop on,

-Michael shared his former mapping project with us, so that we could modify it,

-A GitHub repository for three of us was started by Juan Carlos,

-Each of us listed 5 places in East Lansing & Lansing area in where we had personal experiences,

-We put them in the code -I used Sublime Text editor for that- in our branches in GitHub, then merged the pull requests as usual,

-I figured out how to embed our map into a webpage (A template is downloaded from Start Bootstrap, some photos are inserted, colors are changed, the code for the map is inserted into the entire code). Although it looks a little bit immature, now we had a website ready!

-At the same time we were trying to way for modifying the pop-ups and the base map.

-(New Year’s Eve! A little fake isolated celebration for another dark year.)

-Juan Carlos accomplished to customize the pop-ups, then we inserted our parts into the code.

-With the great help of Sari, JC found out how to publish our webpage through GitHub -Yes, sometimes we are even that behind-.

-Unfortunately, we could not find a way to customize the base map. I guess the problem here is the necessity of incorporating with multiple programs that we are not very familiar with. Even selecting the right tool and using it require advance skills and mastery.

-We presented our project despite its flows. “That was one small step for mankind, but one giant leap for me” .

So, why I told all this. I guess I acknowledged the necessity of a workflow prior to the work again. Well, a good workflow needs mastery as well. I’m hoping to have at least half of this mastery while I’m working towards our final project. May the luck be with me!

*When Neil Armstrong step onto the lunar surface in 1969: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Armstrong