This post was suppose to go up a week ago but last week was a nerve racking time. the 2020 elections were a whorl wind of emotions that I can only hope that I don’t have to experience again. I never though that in my life time I would get to see my hometown (shout out to Fort Worth) turn blue or that, of all places, Georgia was switch. The main reason for my surprise is voter suppression in the South is a real and annoying thing, take it from me I speak from experience. When I first moved to Michigan I was registered to vote in Texas and have submitted a request for an absentee ballot. My first request, I found out after calling them four weeks later, was denied because I apparently missed a check box (which I didn’t because I checked that whole thing over twice before I sent it off). So I got a second request form, sent that off and was told it was loss and I’d just have to fly home and vote in the primary. Which I did. Then when I showed up in person, I was told I was listed as vote by mail, I explained that I had been told my request was lost and as it was the last week to vote and my roommate back in Michigan hadn’t told me any news of a ballot for me in the mail I would like to just vote in person and get my sticker.

I don’t think a lot of people get how difficult it can be to register to vote, especially in the South. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to even get the registered and even then they will always find something wrong with your application. The narrative that things are way better than they use to be is slowly being disproven but there’s still a ways to go for people to really accept it.

Anyways, since the election is over, the world seems a bit easier to breath in. Everything by no means will be instantly fixed, but I like having a leaders that I know has the knowledge to know how to do their job. On top of the stress of the Election, I have to many deadlines in my life that I need to meet. Most of them are self imposed but that’s what happens when you decide to go home for the holidays in November and not come back till January. I wont be able to take my full studio but at least I’ll have a bit of it and I’ll still be able to work on coding since I’ll have my laptop. The last coding project that we did in CHI was pretty fun and it helped that I did have someone in my group who for sure knew what to do. In my new group I’m a bit nervous about the project because we’re dealing with JavaScript. I discovered this summer while doing the pre-recs for this fellowship, I an not the biggest fan of Java Script. Mostly because it was just a lot of details that kept getting mixed together, but fingers crossed that as I keep working with it I’ll appreciated it more.