Hi, my name is Lillian Young. I am a second year MFA Studio Art Grad in the College of Art, Art History and Design at Michigan State University. This year I am also one of the new CHI Fellows.

I am a painter who likes to moonlight as a printmaker. My art mainly focuses on exploring Black history, particularly the people, moments, and objects that aren’t well known. I’m from Texas and attended Texas Christian University where I got my BFA in Studio Art with a minor in art history and an emphasize on Art Education. While art is one of my passions my main focus is Museum educations. I love going to museums and learning new history. I have worked at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, the Kimbell Art Museum, and the MSU Eli and Edythe MSU Art Museum. I hope that after my MFA I can go on to becoming an educational curator for an art museums and create more inclusive and diverse exhibits and programs.

This lead me to my interest in CHI. Museums are suppose to provide a space for people to learn and have a civil dialogue. But for many, especially minorities or people in lower classes, they don’t have the access or feel comfortable in the museum. As the digital sphere continues to grow, more museums have to make sure they are accessible in person as well as online. With in this I want people to be able to discover their own history and stories though art.