Project Launch Post

As a returning CHI fellow, I am hoping to build upon my last years CHI project. Last year I built a digital repository in Kora and the metadata scheme organizing the data within it. This year, I hope to take the data that I have deposited into that repository and bring it out into the world. I plan to do this by having a website communicate with my digital repository to pull the data that is housed there, and display it on my website. This is a difficult task, that requires the use of the PHP programming language to interact with the Kora API

xkcd comic
By xkcd through CCA

PHP and working with an API are complicated tasks for someone without a degree in computer science, which is unfortunately a description that fits me. That’s why the deliverables for this project will be particularly focused for this project. I’ll be using Bootstrap and Reclaim Hosting to build a website and display it. Besides setting up the basic website, however, not much effort will go into the design aspects of the site. Instead, the majority of my resources will be put into getting anything from the Kora database to appear on the website. 

For this project, I want to be able to call data onto two types of pages. The first page will be a catalog. I will be able to search for particular data from within my Kora repository, and display that data as search results for the catalog. The second type of page will be a “full record page” which displays the specific details for an object within the repository. It doesn’t have to look pretty, and it likely won’t. If I can get any information from my database to appear on my website, it’ll be a day to celebrate. For my next blog, I’ll go into some of the challenges of this process.