My name is Kyeesha, and I am a second year master’s student in the Department of Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences at Michigan State University.

Photo Credit: Claudia Pearson |

My research focuses on the racial, socioeconomic and environmental factors related to diabetes in urban areas at the census tract level. Using quantitative methods and GIS [a geographic information system], results will determine if any possible connections exist between each of the factors and give insight into neighborhoods needing health intervention due to high prevalence rates. My undergraduate thesis completed at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) looked at diabetes as well but surveyed MTSU students to understand their perceptions and behaviors revolving around the metabolic disorder. My degree program at MTSU also focused on cultural geography, globalization and the understanding of culture’s influence in the development of our physical landscapes. While I continue to study aspects of health and illness prevalence for my master’s program at Michigan State, I have the ability to continue exploring the concepts I learned at MTSU as a fellow for CHI. I am thankful to have this opportunity, and I look forward to completing these projects next year.

During the CHI fellowship, a few topics I’d like to explore (either through my blog posts or as a final project) include:

  • VR applications in Urban Geography and Geography Education
  • Challenges in Geography Education
  • Understanding Landscapes and Geography through Popular Culture
  • Social Landscapes in Graphic Novels and their Impact to Culture
  • Spatial Thinking/Spatial Awareness/Spatial Narratives
  • Educational Video Game Narratives based on Historical and Geographic Data

I’m excited to learn more about digital technologies/methods and their applications to quantitative and qualitative research through the CHI Fellowship. This fellowship year will be a good one.