A month into building my Mapping Consumers project, and this is what my page looks like:

I’m building my web map using Bootleaf, trying to tinker with the original code to make it fit my purposes and display my map. Until last week, I hadn’t been having much success. Replacing the map tiles in the original with another Mapbox tileset was trickier than I expected. But, as you can see, with some help from fellow CHI fellow Brian Geyer, I’ve now got the Mapbox.dark map displaying, and centred the map on South Africa. Doing this has meant learning to tinker with Javascript, and developing a strategy for which parts of the Javascript to alter, in which order.

So, my next step, now that I have the map displaying, is to link my geoJSON file containing the data about my pins to display. This will mean replacing all the code referencing geoJSON features with the features in my geoJSON file. Wish me luck!