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CHI Fieldschool

David Bennett


February 24, 2014

Television and Celebritization: A Louisiana Story from 1960

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Television has been turning everyday people into celebrities since it became a fixture in American households. Although reality television did not begin until 1973 with An American Family, television news reporters were putting everyday people in the spotlight long before that. Throughout the later 1950s and 1960s, we can see television news coverage turning local issues into national spectacles, a single person’s voice into the voice of an entire city. One such early instance of television news plucking ordinary people and thrusting them into the national spotlight occurred during the New Orleans integration crisis in 1960. Read More

Rachael Hodder


October 25, 2011

Rachael Hodder: aspiring maker of cool things

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My name is Rachael, but online I go by @zenparty. The name that I use in digital spaces is as important to me as the one that’s on my driver’s license. Check out my blog post at for more information about my online identity.

Here’s a quick and dirty introduction:

A picture of Rachael Hodder's face

Greetings, Earthlings.

In my MA studies as a rhetoric student thus far, I’ve focused on building technical skills in web development and a theoretical foundation for how to do ethical, user-centered work. I place a high value on the ability to produce work that is accessible and useful to its intended users and stakeholders. At the core of my philosophy for composition and design is user advocacy, open access, and beauty in simplicity. Previously, I earned my BA from MSU in American Studies where I focused on postcolonial histories and cultural studies. Although I am now a rhetoric student, Read More

Ethan Watrall


May 20, 2011

Call for (Virtual) CHI Fieldschool Presenters

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The start of the Cultural Heritage Informatics Fieldschool ( is rapidly approaching (May 31st), and we are currently seeking interested individuals (scholars, industry, etc.) who would be interested in giving a virtual talk (via Skype) on a topic relating to this fieldschool’s primary focus: mobile and locative media for (and in) cultural heritage. The range of presentations we are interested in is very wide: tech intros, project case studies, best practice discussions, etc, etc, etc. Want to do a talk introducing students to jQuery Mobile? That would be great. Want to discuss a an ongoing cultural heritage mobile or locative project? Awesome. We are also interested in presentations on more general topics relevant to digital humanities and cultural heritage informatics (user centered design, project management, etc.) The idea is to introduce students to as broad a range of topics, platforms, perspectives, practitioners (scholars, grad students, developers, Read More

Ethan Watrall


January 12, 2011

Announcing the Cultural Heritage Informatics Fieldschool

January 12, 2011 | By | One Comment

We are extremely happy to officially announce the launch of the Cultural Heritage Informatics Fieldschool. Taking place from May 31st to July 1st (2011) on the campus of Michigan State University, the Cultural Heritage Informatics Fieldschool will introduce students to the tools and techniques required to creatively apply information and computing technologies to cultural heritage materials and questions.

The CHI Fieldschool is a unique experience that employs the model of an archaeological fieldschool (in which students come together for a period of 5 or 6 weeks to work on an archaeological site in order to learn how to do archaeology). Instead of working on an archaeological site, however, students in the CHI Fieldschool will come together to collaboratively work on several cultural heritage informatics projects. In the process they will learn a great deal about what it takes to build applications and digital user experiences that serve the domain Read More