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Donnie Sackey

Donnie Sackey


January 29, 2013

Scattered Speculations on Value and OA Publication Venues

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For the past two weeks, the CHI fellows have spent much time thinking about issues of scholarly publishing and issues of access to information. These conversations have revolved primarily around Kathleen Fitzpatrick‘s Planned Obsolescence. It was really a moment that occurred earlier in the book that resonated quite strongly with me. She writes:

And universities, in the broadest sense, will need to rethink the relationship between the library, the university press, the information technology center, and the academic units within the institution, reimagining the funding model under which publishing operates and the institutional purposes that such publishing serves – but also, and crucially, reimagining the relationship between the academic institution and the surrounding culture.

In part, Fitzpatrick is right in that the challenges we face at the current moment are not technological, but rather social as she points to the necessity of restructuring the systems (e.g. who can serve as a peer, notions Read More

Donnie Sackey


January 14, 2013

Digitizing and Localizing Radical History

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In the beginning, I indicated that one of my primary interest in research is investigating and understanding the dynamics of space as it is shared by individuals and groups who are connected and disconnected in a variety of ways. Specifically, I’m interested in they ways a digital intervention might organize and display various understandings of space as they compete with each other. At the current moment, the one area of inquiry that has my attention is activism within the Lansing and East Lansing communities. Whether it is organized labor fighting to resist “right-to-work” legislation or Students for a Democratic Society protesting the Vietnam War, the capital area has had a rich history of left-of-center activist movements.

Still, questions arise for me. How do we understand the rich history of activist movements in the capital area as they might relate to each other across time within the same spaces? In other words, how Read More

Donnie Sackey


December 13, 2012

Mapping Spaces, Enabling Travel

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In my last blog I hinted that I have a deep interest in exploring the ways in which creative applications of information and computing technologies can help map environments and subsequently allow for alternative levels of engagement that are geared toward helping community stakeholders envision and create more livable, sustainable communities. I thought that I would use this blog as both a reflection and review of an assignment in which I asked my students not only to experiment with space but also to envision how a digital intervention might augment a user’s spatial experience.

This semester I taught WRA/FW 341: Nature, Environmental, and Travel Writing. The course is housed in the Professional Writing program but it is also cross-listed as an intensive reading/writing experience for Fisheries and Wildlife students. I was given free reign to completely revamp the syllabus. Since, my dissertation is very conscious of writing space and how we write Read More

Donnie Sackey


November 7, 2012

@donniejsackey, or that green gentleman

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I’ve been lurking for some time now trying to figure out how best to introduce myself to those of you out there who frequent this site or are members of the digital humanities community at-large. So, I’ll begin where all good introductions start: My name is Donnie Johnson Sackey. Outside (and inside) of academia, people know three things about me: (1) I am an “amazing” vegetarian cook who’s willing to experiment in the kitchen, (2) I’m a homebrewer and (3) I am a tennis enthusiast. As a matter of fact, I consistently daydream about playing in professional tennis tournaments. I mean the tennis calendar spans from December 31-November 18. Somewhere around the world somebody’s playing tennis! So, if you see me spacing out, it is probably because I’m thinking about watching tennis, playing tennis, wearing tennis clothes, or planning a bracket scenarios in my mind. But I bet you folks Read More