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2015 June

Lisa Bright


June 8, 2015

Mortuary Mapping Summer Expansion

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Mortuary Mapping, my online site documenting the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Historic Cemetery launched in early May. This first phase of the project focused on the creation and implementation of the interactive maps of the burials using Cartodb. However, I see Mortuary Mapping as a space that will grow alongside the project research. Next month I will be traveling to California to conduct archival research. I’m hoping to ideally locate the burial records (although all attempts to locate them thus far have failed), early maps of the area, and any newspaper information related to the cemetery.

This summer I plan to expand Mortuary Mapping by adding an archival section. I will not only be sharing digitized images from the archives (pending of course individual archive regulation regarding the redistribution of their material), and creating a database of the information I locate. Anthropologists are all about context, and I hope that adding some about the site will allow others to connect with the cemetery, as well as save other researchers a bit of legwork. I look forward to sharing my finds from the archives!

becca hayes


June 1, 2015

Visualizing Street Harassment Continues

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Visualizing Street Harassment is an online map-based visualization of a born-digital cultural event, the “10 Hours of Walking…” video meme. I launched the first version in early May. In that first phase of the project, I focused on establishing the general framework of the site, collecting a small, diverse sample of “10 Hours of Walking…” videos, and gaining the technical skills necessary to accomplish those tasks. Though I accomplished much of what I’d hoped for in the initial phase, I discovered some limitations as I worked. First, the one-page webpage theme I selected limits the contextual information I could include without overwhelming the introductory framework, and, thus, the audience. Additionally, in working through the technical aspects of the project and the basic framework, I did not include as much analysis as the project has potential for.

Based on those limitations, after the project launched, I aimed to continue the project by 1) increasing both the quantity of pins and 2) the depth of analysis and context of each pin/video. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been collecting and analyzing additional videos. So far, I’ve identified 27 more “10 Hours of Walking…” videos to include across the map, in addition to the 12 currently you currently see there.

One interesting new challenge I’ve encountered is parody videos that feature fictional characters in fictional locations. For example, “10 Hours of Walking in Archeage as a Woman” portrays a female video game character walking in ArcheAge, a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game). Because Visualizing Street Harassment employs a global map-based visualization, there’s no obvious place to pin these kinds of videos; however, I do think they’re important to include, so I’ll be working on a solution to this issue as the project moves forward.

By the beginning of July, I plan to have the rest of those videos and their descriptions added to the map. Then for remainder of the summer, I’ll be building and writing the content for individual analysis pages for each video. Watch for the full launch in late August!