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2012 November

Ashley Wiersma


November 28, 2012

THAT Camp Caribe and Current DH Conversations

November 28, 2012 | By | One Comment

“THAT Camp is like drinking from a fire hose.” – Organizer Marta Rivera Monclova on the first day of workshops.

I can attest to the truth of that! I just returned from my first THAT Camp, and I’m still trying to process the many conversations in and out of sessions and what I learned there. I arrived feeling like a freshman on a college campus but quickly discovered that although I have much to learn, I wasn’t as clueless as I thought.

This post highlights some of the hot topics and provides a glimpse into the state of the digital humanities (DH) as of mid-November 2012. In addition to the usual questions and tutorials on DH tools, issues of collaboration, open access, and whether or not coding is an essential skill in DH were the focus of many discussions.

Collaboration: Many of us in the digital humanities have big goals and to accomplish Read More



November 9, 2012

Zambian Soccer Historian

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My names are Hikabwa (Decius) Chipande; I come from Zambia, a country in Central-Southern Africa. I am a doctoral student in the Department of History at Michigan State University. My research interests focus on 20th century political and social history of soccer (football) in Zambia. My Cultural Heritage Informatics Fellowship (CHI) Program is, therefore, key in helping me learn how to use web tools that will be useful in collaborating, sharing of resources, information and work with football scholars and supporters.

Workwise, I love teaching. I taught high school History and Physical Education in Zambia for 4 years. Thereafter, I got involved in Sport for Development, a project where sport is used as a tool for sustainable community development and education. I had a great time in this field and worked for Sport for Development projects in South Africa, Zambia and Norway. Although I am not a gifted athlete, I am interested Read More

Ashley Wiersma


November 8, 2012

Exploring Digital Travel through Time and Space – Ashley Wiersma

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I’m a little crazy or maybe a lot crazy, some may even say masochistic. I must be. After working in a ‘real’ job as a high school math teacher for two years, I chose to go back to school as a full time student to earn a PhD in history. I considered pursuing a PhD in applied mathematics after obtaining my bachelor’s as a double major in secondary mathematics and history education, but after reflecting on the way history broadened both my own and my students’ perceptions and understanding of the world (past and present) and each other, a career in history seemed to have the potential to make a more meaningful difference than whatever I decided to do with math.

So here I am five years later, a student in the History department at Michigan State University, “All But Dissertation,” and working on said dissertation. My research began Read More



November 8, 2012

@philosophysnack–at home in East Lansing

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My name is Yuanfang Dai and I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Philosophy at Michigan State University. One of my specialties is the theoretical research and practical implication of transcultural dialogues.

One of my professional and scholarship goals is to combine the theoretical research and the practical application of transcultural dialogues for the purpose of seeking an effective way to communicate transculturally. In my philosophical research, I propose a transcultural perspective as a better alternative to the multicultural approach for understanding cultural differences because a transcultural perspective implies interference and interaction rather than simply recognizing differences. That is to say, if we merely acknowledge cultural difference and are content with “cultural tolerance,” it will not contribute to genuine understandings of cultural differences because we tend to avoid cultural frictions and conflicts therefore miss meaningful and fruitful cultural dialogues. However, if we are motivated to step Read More

Donnie Sackey


November 7, 2012

@donniejsackey, or that green gentleman

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I’ve been lurking for some time now trying to figure out how best to introduce myself to those of you out there who frequent this site or are members of the digital humanities community at-large. So, I’ll begin where all good introductions start: My name is Donnie Johnson Sackey. Outside (and inside) of academia, people know three things about me: (1) I am an “amazing” vegetarian cook who’s willing to experiment in the kitchen, (2) I’m a homebrewer and (3) I am a tennis enthusiast. As a matter of fact, I consistently daydream about playing in professional tennis tournaments. I mean the tennis calendar spans from December 31-November 18. Somewhere around the world somebody’s playing tennis! So, if you see me spacing out, it is probably because I’m thinking about watching tennis, playing tennis, wearing tennis clothes, or planning a bracket scenarios in my mind. But I bet you folks Read More

Sylvia Deskaj


November 7, 2012


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Hello, world. My name is Sylvia Deskaj, and, as of October 21st of this year, I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the department of anthropology here at Michigan State University. Yay!!! Now in my fourth year in the department, I am looking forward to working on my CHI project with Dr. Ethan Watrall and the rest of the CHI community (stay tuned for more on this!).

Traveling around Michigan and meeting locals is something that I thoroughly enjoy, and fortunately, get to do often. After three years of living here, the state of Michigan is really growing on me. I especially enjoy hanging out with friends in Flint and camping in the Upper Peninsula (where the locals refer to each other as “Yoopers”).

Since graduating from college (“big up” to Northeastern Illinois University and Dr. Jon Hageman!) in 2008, I have worked in the Balkan nation of Albania, Read More

Madhu Narayan


November 6, 2012

“I just like making things.” – Madhu Narayan, Rhetorician/Writer

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My name is Madhu Narayan. On twitter, I go by @ladymadrietta. I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University. My research interests include rhetorical history, theory, archives, queer rhetorics and cultural rhetorics. I also like nonfiction writing. This year, in addition to being a CHI fellow, I am teaching, finishing up my dissertation, and applying for jobs. Phew. In my “free” time, I like to knit, crochet and cross-stitch. Currently, I have several craft projects in-progress, most notably a blanket that I have been working on for over a year. I am not sure when I’ll finish it. I also like making zines, although I am not very good at it. Really, I just like making things.

In my dissertation, I put rhetoric and composition scholars in conversation with archivists and archival theorists. I develop a framework for studying archives as material Read More

Taz Karim


November 5, 2012

@PharmaCulture – Where Prescription Drugs meet Digital Anthropology

November 5, 2012 | By | One Comment

Although fall semester is in full swing here at Michigan State University, and the first major frost has already ruined my morning, I am excited to take a break from the stress and the cold to introduce myself to my new digital (versus real or imaginary) friends. Hopefully in the midst of writing my dissertation, a conference paper, and postdoc applications, I still have some coherent thoughts left before I hit my quota for the day.

My name is Taz Karim and I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology at MSU. I also currently serve as chair of the Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Study Group of the Society for Medical Anthropology. Outside of academia you can find me playing soccer (indoor and outdoor) or coaching crew on the Grand River. I also enjoy fashion, playing the guitar, riding my moped, and playing with my miniature pinscher, Lola. So yes, Read More