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2010 November

Micalee Sullivan


November 15, 2010

“Sixteen Tons”: A U.S. and South African Mineworkers’ Archive

November 15, 2010 | By | 7 Comments

It was not evident to me how little the world tends to remember about the story of the working class and labor history until I visited the De Beers Mining Museum in Kimberley, South Africa. The story of the mineworkers, their families, and their communities is hidden behind the celebrated legacy of a successful company and its founder Cecil Rhodes, whose “ambition, enterprise, and vision” helped to tame the “madness and mayhem” of the frontier. The mining museum does little to inform visitors of the dangerous and often deadly conditions that thousands of men partook in on a daily basis, and there is no tribute from De Beers honoring the countless workers lost while in the mines.

My CHI project, “Sixteen Tons”: A U.S. and South African Mineworkers’ Archive will tell the story of these workers, their families, and their communities by creating a public archive and online exhibit that documents Read More

Katy Meyers


November 11, 2010

Project Introduction: The Bone Collective

November 11, 2010 | By | 6 Comments

The use of archaeological skeletal material is strongly reliant on methods for the identification of sex, age, ancestry, disease, and other variables that leave their marks on bone. As methods improve, identification also improves. Throughout the archaeological community, there is constant re-assessment of these methods as well as the creation of new more accurate ones especially through the innovative use of technology. However, the progress of this field is limited by its ability to communicate this progress of the various levels of academia and different international institutions. While texts, journals and conferences do allow for the transfer of information, they are limited in the information they choose to include and the audience that they address. We need to move beyond a one way transfer of knowledge to a community sourced discourse and dialogue.

Therefore, I have begun work on a project known as “The Bone Collective”. The goal is to create a Read More